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Everyone is capable of crossing the street without dying expect me. I’ve almost got hit by a car four times since being here. There has to be a award for this.


Oh dear. You don’t say? Maybe we should hire a crossing guard to assist you every time you need to cross a street or a sidewalk. That or the people here are horrible drivers. Haha.

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Ya know what sounds good right now? Corn dogs. Yum.


You know what goes well with corn dogs? Two words, french fries.

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Aw, thats so sweet! She sounds adorable.


Innit? I thought she was the sweetest little thing! This is now the second time i’ve had a conversation with someone who’s older in the past week. It’s rather strange, but i’m definitely not complaining.

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So, you just walk up to random grannies in the street and get the audio version of their auto-biographies now?


Well, actually I was in a shop and we both reached for a lipstick. Which sparked conversation for a few minutes. So yeah, I guess you could say it was rather ‘random’ of me. But, i’m glad I talked to her.


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I met the cutest little old lady today, she told me a story of how her husband used to take her dancing every Sunday in their younger years. it’s funny how the simplest of things could mean so much, isn’t it?

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Title: Let Her Go
Artist: Passenger
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I’m on [Passenger - Let Her Go]

His deep voice is just hard to forget. 

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